About UniVirtua

Pioneers in mobile application technology

Majic - Best of Both Worlds

UniVirtua specialises in the research, development and commercialisation of highly secure and dynamic component-based mobile application technologies, specifically targeting the networked device markets such as smartphones, tablets, wireless pads, digital TVs and in-vehicle systems. UniVirtua’s Majic dynamic component-based model enables secure, transparent, instant and continuous delivery (‘DevOps’) of mobile business logic from behind an enterprise firewall to mobile devices.

UniVirtua’s mobile application development platform – Majic – has taken the lower cost of a centralised web-based approach, combined it with the better user experience and performance of native app delivery and engineered the platform to deliver optimum central control and performance. This approach delivers a ‘best of both worlds’ mobile application development paradigm which has been recognised through the grant of international patents.

The Majic platform offers an agile development methodology, which enables rapid deployment of changes and new services, delivered in real-time with no disruption to the user. This is proving attractive to numerous market sectors, such as system integrators, as it greatly reduces the lifecycle costs of maintaining mobile applications. Further, the componentised nature of Majic applications allows for the reuse of developed business logic in the delivery of future applications, thereby leading to a faster and lower cost ROI compared to other platforms.