Academic Partners

Maintaining Strong Links with Academia

University College Cork

UniVirtua has forged a collaborative R&D partnership with UCC, enabling its students to research and prototype dynamic, component-based applications for mobile wireless devices using the Majic Mobile Technology Platform, focusing primarily on the area of mobile financial services. The partnership also gives UCC the opportunity to use the Majic platform as a teaching tool, for modelling advanced software architectures of the future.

The Health Information Systems Research Centre (HISRC) is a multidisciplinary centre, at University College Cork, building on the growing synergy between information systems, technology and healthcare.  It partners with the College of Medicine and Health, the Health Innovation Hub and the Tyndall National Institute at UCC, on joint research and commercialisation initiatives to drive innovation throughout the health service.  Translational research within the HISRC investigates how technology integration, social factors, organisational structures and business processes affect not only the delivery but also the definition of healthcare services.  In association with UCC, UniVirtua is now a technology partner of this ground-breaking project.