Aston Martin – DB5 Continuation

Aston Martin 'Goldfinger' DB5 Continuation model Tracker Map


Image property of Aston Martin

In celebrating the 25th James Bond movie – No Time to Die – Aston Martin had announced its intention to hand-build 25 ‘Goldfinger DB5 Continuation’ models, complete with gadgets as seen in the original Goldfinger movie.

UniVirtua were selected to recreate the iconic Radar Screen Tracker Map, the gadget with the most amount of screen time in the movie.  UniVirtua were tasked with researching and procuring the physical screen, creating the software to drive the unit and designing the software user interface.  The interface had to align and interact with the physical tracker overlay and controls.


The software was built using our own proprietary solution – Majic – which was installed on a dedicated Android-based in-vehicle media unit with touchscreen.  In using our component-based Majic technology, Aston Martin could rest assured that any future upgrades could be undertaken with an absolute minimum of development time. The map interface was programmatically re-coloured to emulate the retro look and feel of the original Goldfinger tracker screen.

The blue tracking dot was recreated from stills of the Goldfinger film and programmatically indicates the car’s current position using GPS.  The audible beep was based on samplings from the original Goldfinger film soundtrack and synchronised to each flash of the tracker’s blue dot.

Image property of Aston Martin

The user interface features four hotspots that correspond with the button positions of the physical overlay.  The buttons allow a haptic action to the touchscreen and allow for four functions – On/Off, Zoom-Out, Zoom-In and Volume.


UniVirtua is delighted to have supplied its software solution to such a prestigious and iconic product and company.  The completed project was delivered on time and on budget.  All of the 25 Goldfinger DB5 Continuation models sold out quickly, with buyers paying £3.3m ($4.6m) each for a piece of the Goldfinger heritage.

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