A New Standard in Agile Network Access

dashAlpha Commercial

As network connectivity becomes essential in more and more places around the world, the networking solutions deployed in these locations will need to be able to take advantage of both existing and new communications technologies. We believe that in order to meet this challenge, such solutions must be highly adaptive and therefore software defined – for this reason, we developed dashAlpha®.

dashAlpha® is an advanced software defined networking platform with a focus on intelligent, seamless, resilient and secure network access across a multitude of bearer technologies whilst being simple and easy to use.

Our ‘zero touch’ philosophy with regard to user interaction has resulted in a platform with a simple user interface and a high level of automation to deliver a secure, high-bandwidth network connection with minimal effort.

dashAlpha® enables a user to gain network access by simultaneously using different technologies – such as 5G, LTE, WiFi and satellite – to create a single high-bandwidth and secure connection which is resilient to drop-outs and other networking faults.

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In achieving this, dashAlpha® is able to not only deliver high bandwidth for streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube but to also deliver seamless network connectivity for communications applications such as WhatsApp, Skype, Teams and Zoom. Additionally, the software-defined nature of dashAlpha® enables it to run on a variety of COTS (Commercial-off-the-Shelf) hardware, enabling flexible deployment options.

Target Markets
UniVirtua envisages dashAlpha® being beneficial in many different markets, especially where communications infrastructure is poor; by bonding multiple links the system provides a stabilised, secure, authenticated and resilient network connection upon which users can communicate and exchange data. Identified markets include construction, disaster relief, broadcast media production and lone worker. Additionally, we see dashAlpha® being highly beneficial in markets such as passenger transport, blue light services and maritime.