Majic Features

Resulting features in using an application component model

In what way is Majic Different?
Majic’s hybrid nature enables the use of search to dynamically discover and deliver to the user only the parts of an application which are required at a given moment in time, as small software application components. This innovative approach to software delivery enables rich, native and fully functional applications to be delivered reliably over wireless links – even those as slow as GPRS.

Why should I use Majic?
The advantage of using a Majic-based approach is that if the network drops temporarily the client application can notify the user and retain the data, submitting it when the network returns. Additionally, application components themselves can be removed or updated on-the-fly, with no need to shut down and restart either the server or client elements of the solution.

How Secure is it?
The security inherent in Majic technology has been forensically verified. Majic-based applications effectively ‘zeroise’ the device’s memory before and after the application is run, ensuring no data nor application logic resides on the device. All transmissions are secured with 256-bit (or higher) SSL, and the application components themselves are digitally signed to verify their authenticity. The server side of the Majic solution (MajicServer) also logs all interactions between itself and any Majic-based client application, providing a comprehensive audit trail.

Majic Features Overview:

  • Component-based approach
    Applications are broken down into application components, single-function modules of logic
  • Total Security
    All network transfers are protected by 256-bit SSL encryption. Application components are signed for authenticity, and ZERO data is left on the device
  • Intelligent Applications
    Apps are now more nebulous and virtual, the product of search rather than a fixed entity. Apps can shape-shift on the fly and a single application component can exist across multiple applications
  • Rich Experience
    Apps take full advantage of the native UI allowing rich graphics and instant, dynamic feedback
  • Platform Breadth
    Major platforms – Google Android, Windows Phone and Apple iOS are supported
  • Central Control
    Majic apps reside on the network, not on the device, enabling a fully managed service experience for the application provider
  • Standard Model
    Writing application components is very simple, employing standard development languages and working practices
  • Versioning & Updates
    Applications are dynamically and transparently updated, requiring zero user participation 
  • Tailored Use
    Apps can be presented as service icons, tailored to each user. Users do not need to search a range of irrelevant services nor those they do not have permission to access
  • Non-invasive Integration
    Majic integrates into back-end and legacy systems via standard messaging. Converting applications to Majic leaves existing internet applications untouched 
  • Local Execution
    Apps run locally on device, are resilient to temporary network outages and can access native resources: hardware IDs, SMS and GPS
  • Minimal On-device Footprint
    Business logic application components are not installed on the device, they are transferred and activated only during application use