Majic Benefits

Advantages of using the Majic mobile application platform

Majic Benefits

What does Majic Look Like to the User?
A Majic application looks like a normal mobile application; Majic technology is fully transparent.  Menus, lists and other selector UI elements are presented to the user using standard, native GUI elements.  However, the use of Majic enables those selector elements to be updated on-the-fly as the application feature set changes.  The user does not need to search through a range of services which are not relevant, nor for which they do not have permission to access.

How does it Integrate with my Existing Systems?
Integration of Majic on the server side of an existing application is achieved by sitting a MajicServer alongside the existing middleware server.  The MajicServer makes use of industry-standard technologies (Active Directory, LDAP, JMS, etc.) to integrate with existing application servers.

Benefits to the Mobile Application End User

  • Applications are processed at far higher speeds than a web/Citrix based application over the mobile network, whilst maintaining the highest levels of client data security
  • Unlike web-based applications, Majic-based mobile applications can survive network outages without the user having the frustrating experience of having to start again
  • The user can be totally confident that in the event of device loss, theft or hacking there will be no loss of client/sensitive data, whereas a web-based application will retain information cached on the device which could be accessed
  • The end user sees only the parts of the mobile application they have permissions for, thereby greatly simplifying the user interface – instant update ensures that the user allows accesses the latest version of the application

Benefits to the Mobile Application Provider

  • The security risks to the organisation of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) can be eliminated
  • Network bandwidth loading is greatly reduced compared to a thin client based application such as Citrix, thereby significantly reducing costs whilst delivering faster user access. Additionally, the Majic-based component delivery model is efficient enough to provide rich application functionality across networks as low as 2.5G
  • A single version of the mobile application is hosted by the provider thereby eliminating the need to maintain a range of versions on the mobile device, thus greatly reducing application management costs
  • Mobile application components can be removed or updated on the fly, ensuring that at no time is the user unable to access the application due to system updates or routine maintenance
  • The componentised nature of Majic ensures it is totally scalable and elements can be re-utilised in different applications, thus reducing development costs and lead times for delivery of new applications