UK Patent granted for Majic

Portmarnock, ROI – UniVirtua, the adaptive software technology company, is pleased to announce that it has been successfully granted a patent for its ground-breaking development and deployment technology. UK Patent No. GB2443846 (inventors, Joseph Poole and Rohan Beckles) has been granted for the componentisation and real-time piecemeal delivery of applications to wireless devices such as smartphones and PDAs. The technology is embodied and commercialised in UniVirtua’s ‘Majic’ secure application delivery platform.

Whilst the concept of componentised applications is not necessarily new, the way in which UniVirtua has approached the problem is both comprehensive and unique. To quote the patent: “The present invention therefore aims to provide a system which uses an alternative process for the discovery, delivery and activation of software application components. Different aspects of the invention relate to: the description of the components, including their location; the method(s) required to load and activate them; searching for a particular component within one or more repositories according to specific criteria; downloading the particular component; and controlling the lifecycle of the particular component, including loading it dynamically into an already running application and stopping and disposing of the component afterwards.”

In lay terms this has startling implications. Uniquely, Majic-based applications do not leave behind any business logic, user credentials or other sensitive data on the device because, in any conventional sense, they are not installed on the device in the first place. Instead, they are effectively streamed from the server in an on-demand fashion as a collection of fine-grained modular components, which then self-assemble on the device within a virtual container that only resides in the runtime memory of the device. Thereafter they perform as any conventional application, with the added bonus of an industry standard and highly secure connection to the network. Once a Majic-based application is closed, all sensitive and confidential information remains behind the secure network firewall, not on the device, and the components are expunged from memory. Effectively, Majic applications are impervious to malicious attack.

Additionally, the component-based approach of Majic-built applications gives them the ability to operate even in areas where connectivity is limited to poor quality EDGE (or even GPRS) speeds, by automatically selecting components best suited to operating under such conditions. The component-based approach also allows applications to be deployed quickly, and then upgraded and extended afterwards, in a manner which is 100% transparent to the user. This reduces the time to market and removes the burden of application management from the user.

Joseph Poole, CEO and Founder of UniVirtua, said: “This is very exciting news in that our life’s work has been officially recognised by the patent office, giving UniVirtua a protected competitive advantage in commercialising Majic. It strengthens our hand in bringing an advanced application platform into the mobile space, and represents an exciting opportunity for mobile application providers.”

Rohan Beckles, VP Technology and Founder of UniVirtua, said: “The granting of this patent is a fantastic validation of the research and development efforts poured into Majic, and only serves to strengthen UniVirtua’s IP portfolio going forward.”
Key Advantages of Majic Applications

  • Security When the User has finished using the application there remains no residual data, whatsoever, on the device
  • Role-based Access & Audit Trail Majic features a full audit trail which ensures Compliance and Accountability in its applications. And Role-based Access allows the monitoring of Usage Trends for Marketing and Management, leading to Tailored and Personalised Services and a Simplified User Experience
  • Version Control & Updates Majic applications reside on the network, so the application provider can easily, and invisibly, control any updates and does not rely on end-user participation. Effectively, this means Zero Updates for the End User
  • Speed The use of fine-grained dynamic components ensures high speed access to full-featured applications
  • Small Storage Footprint Users can access a vast range of richly featured applications without requiring large amounts of device memory
  • Adaptability Majic applications can be designed to display different versions of an application depending on the network conditions, enabling the application to maintain acceptable levels of performance even in poor signal conditions
  • Can survive Network Outages As Majic applications run on the mobile device, not on the web, if the wireless signal drops temporarily applications can still run locally on the device so the User does not have to start over again
  • Accessible from Virtually any Device Applications can be accessed via a wide range of mobile devices and are not restricted in usage to high end smartphones and PDAs
  • Shorter Lead Time to Market New and updated services can be delivered quickly to the market because Majic components can be added to an application simply by adding them to the central store – the application running on the device will immediately be aware of the new service, and present it to the User
  • Reduced Cost for Developers Due to Majic’s componentised nature fault-finding is simple, meaning that application providers benefit from lower ongoing maintenance overheads. And as components are reusable across multiple applications, development becomes simpler and cheaper

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