US Patent Granted for Majic Technology

In a world where software agility and mobile application security are fast becoming the highest priorities, UniVirtua’s Majic technology offers a unique innovative solution

Dublin ROI – UniVirtua Ireland Limited is proud to announce the successful granting of a patent from the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) for its unique and highly secure development and deployment technology. US Patent No. 8312451 (inventors, Joseph Poole and Rohan Beckles) has been granted for the componentisation and real-time piecemeal delivery of applications to wireless devices such as smartphones, tablets, wireless pads, digital TVs and in-vehicle systems. Following its UK Patent granted in December 2011, the US Patent extends the reach of UniVirtua’s intellectual property to encompass the world’s largest, most dynamic marketplace for software technologies.

The patent – entitled “Computing system for providing software components on demand to a mobile device” – encapsulates the technology’s dynamic component-based model, that enables mobile applications to be streamed securely on a component-by-component basis. This allows complex applications to be delivered to networked devices, across low-bandwidth and/or patchy wireless connections, while keeping business logic and data safe and secure behind the enterprise firewall. The technology is embodied and commercialised in UniVirtua’s secure delivery platform – the Majic Application Platform (‘Majic’).

Joseph Poole, CEO and Founder of UniVirtua, said: “Securing the US patent serves to validate and strengthen UniVirtua’s offering by protecting its intellectual property in the largest smartphone market in the Western world. UniVirtua is uniquely positioned to maximise the competitive advantage conferred by our ground breaking technology.”

In today’s mobile world, multiple technologies and solutions exist to deliver applications and information to users, but these markets are a raging battleground with no dominant solutions provider. Applications are typically deployed as native applications, or accessed via the device’s browser. Each solution has its benefits, but also limitations and inherent security deficiencies. Majic has been engineered ‘from the ground up’ to address these issues and provide a hybrid device/server ‘best of both worlds’ solution.

Majic’s hybrid nature enables the use of search to dynamically discover small, single-purpose software components and deliver to the user only the parts of the application that are required at a given moment in time. This streaming approach to software delivery enables rich, native and fully functional applications to be delivered reliably over wireless links – even those as slow as GPRS.

One advantage of using a Majic-based approach is that if the network drops temporarily the application can notify the user and retain the data, submitting it when the network returns. Additionally, application components themselves can be removed or updated on-the-fly, with no need to shut down and restart either the server or device elements of the solution.

Majic is also highly secure. Majic-based applications essentially ‘zeroise’ the device’s memory before and after the application is run, ensuring that no residual data nor application logic remains on the device. Moreover, all transmissions are encrypted and the components themselves are digitally signed to verify their authenticity. The server side of the Majic solution also logs all interactions between itself and any Majic-based application, providing a fully comprehensive audit trail.

Rohan Beckles, VP Technology and Founder of UniVirtua, said: “The granting of this patent shows that the US Patent Office recognises the unique and genuine innovation that UniVirtua brings to the US market. Our component streaming technology gives us a significant competitive edge in securely delivering rich business logic to smart devices.”

About UniVirtua
Headquartered in Dublin Ireland, and with offices in the UK, UniVirtua has developed its unique patented Majic Application Platform. Majic is a client/server application delivery and management platform, designed and built to securely deliver rich applications to networked devices such as smartphones, tablets, wireless pads, digital TVs and in-vehicle systems.

UniVirtua specialises in the provision of secure mobile applications to the Health, Defence, Gaming, Finance and Emergency Services sectors, where Majic’s ability to deliver full functionality over a range of bandwidths and survive network outages, whilst ensuring that no sensitive user/corporate data is retained on the device, is of paramount importance.

To view UniVirtua’s patents online, visit the respective website and search using the patent number:

US Patent & Trademark Office – – Patent No. 8312451

UK Intellectual Property Office – – Patent No. GB2443846